Darling Nikki

My dear friend was just married in February and I was more than honoured to be a part of the wedding party. I really wanted to give the couple a portrait of the themselves as a wedding gift. I figure, if you are going to be together forever, you should have a portrait of yourselves still young and well-rested and beautiful when you’re old and tired! Amiright?!

I tried to creep her Facebook photos, but Nikki didn’t have a lot of personal photos online. Fair enough; I can respect that. However, this meant I had to ruin the surprise and straight-up ask her for pictures of her and her man. She sent me some really lovely pictures of the two of them that were softly lit and therefore softly focused. As I’ve talked about before, a soft focus isn’t a huge issue for me in creating portraits, but does affect the appearance of the portrait. A fuzzy photo results in a sort-of dreamy portrait. Here’s this dreamy couple, Nikki and Andrew:

Nikki and Andrew, 2016, Wedding Couple Portrait, Graphite Pencil Drawing on Paper, 8"x10"

Congratulations, friends!

xo melody

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