Christmas gift roundup!

Here are my paintings and drawings that made it under families’ Christmas trees this past holiday season. It really is an honour and privilege to have been a part of people’s festivities. I just wish I could see the looks on people’s faces when they opened their gifts!! (Hopefully they were “thrilled” or “ecstatic”.)


Keeta, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 10″ x 10″


Maddy and Evan, Graphite Pencil Drawing on Paper, each 5″ x 7″


Chara, Graphite Pencil Drawing on Paper, 8″ x 10″

mstarkweather_podedwornycottageportrait copy

Podedworny Cottage (Otty Lake), Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 10″ x 12″


Benji, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 12″ x 12″


Kaity and Jeff, Graphite Pencil Drawing on Paper, 5″ x 7″


Cody and Pal, Graphite Pencil Drawing on Paper, each 5″ x 7″

The very last one will be coming up soon. My poor mother has been waiting for her holiday portrait of my brother, sister and I since, well, the holidays. :( Sorry Mom. That is the next one in the roster. And following that, a drawing of a very cool Basset Hound named Buddy!

BTW – Check out my Portraits of People section, as I’m adding some new images this evening, including the completed “Eloise” portrait.

xo melody

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