Entering the Wild Wooly World of the Interweb

Hello there!

Welcome to my new website! So here I am, sorting years worth of work into a tidy little package. What a process! I realize that my attention to detail may be my best weapon and worst enemy here. This is taking FOR-EV-ER!

Have a look around! How do you like my new digs?

In the meantime, back to work for me! I have a Dobermann painting to complete and then on to the next one…Walter. I’m debating between these two images. In one, he’s cooking up a plan for world domination and in the other, he’s relaxing post-domination (notice my own cat’s hair hanging out of his mouth! They used to be roommates, and I’ll tell you, she doesn’t miss him at all.) He’s a bad boy, but so cute! They always are, right?!


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