Family Cottage Portrait

Thought I would share the process of completing my most recent cottage portrait…this one was actually fairly complicated, as there were a lot of elements…different types of trees in a dense wooded area behind the structure, rock walls, reflective lake water, and, of course, the cottage itself! The birch trees to the left of the building are a favourite feature of the property for the family, so I spent a lot of time working to really capture the likeness there. But overall, I wanted to get the essence of the place – family fun, relaxation, warm afternoon light on the leaves and beams of the cottage. This all really just made me crave summer, which is a long way away (SIGH, we haven’t even really gotten into winter here yet!)

Here is the progression of work:

mstarkweather_podedwornycottage_process1 mstarkweather_podedwocottageportrait_process2  mstarkweather_podedwocottageportrait_process3

And the finish!


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Christmas is just around the corner. (Yikes, we’re already into November!) I still have room for a couple more pieces in time for Christmas, so order soon if you are going to…it’s getting tight.     I can also do gift certificates so that the recipient can pick out which photo he or she would like to have painted or drawn. If you have any questions at all, please email me at info(at)

Up next, a lovely German Shepherd painting. Getting back to painting a subject with eyes! :D

xo melody

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