Leeloo, through the looking glass


Back in the summer, an old friend contacted me to inquire about having her cat painted. She had several photos she was looking at, but really loved this one:

leeloo (1)

I believe I mentioned in my last post, this photo is an old cell phone photo. They don’t even have the phone anymore. Here’s a close-up, to give you an idea of what I was working with:

leeloo closeup

Grainy! Now, I’ve talked before about how it’s totally possible to work with a crummy photo for a portrait, but it results in a different aesthetic than working with crisp photos. This one had me pretty concerned though, especially since Dallyce wanted a 12×12 in painting. You know what, though? Once again, it totally worked out! Painting the view through the window was an exercise in articulating the abstract. It was sort of like trying to paint without my glasses on. In the end, however, it was really fun and I was happy with the result. She was too. 🙂

I gave my hubby the painting today for his birthday. He loved it!! Thanks again for all the hard and beautiful work you did.

Here is the final image. I hope you like it as well!



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