Little Bro

A very happy belated birthday to my “little” brother Scott. This was us, circa 1988.


I was very excited to do a portrait of kids and a cat! This was indeed a fun pencil portrait to do…lots of familiar details. It was a bit of a walk down Memory Lane. That cat was the most glorious cat, named Michael, or “Mikey.” He started coming around the house and I snuck him lunch meat when Mom wasn’t looking, so he NEVER LEFT! And that thing Scott is so enthusiastically waving over his head is a fly swatter. Yes, a fly swatter.

I think that this is a family portrait that captures my brother and I well. Too bad our sister wasn’t in the shot! But I am planning a portrait of her, too…soonish! It’s going to be a really cool one.

Hope y’all are enjoying the final stretch of summer.

xo melody

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