Lucky I and Lucky II

Back in the summer of 2011, before I launched this site, I drew a picture of my friend’s Toy Poodle, Lucky for her birthday. She had recently moved back out on her own, and was going to be sharing custody of Little Lucky. I was experimenting with paper…nay, using whatever I had around…and did my drawing on a pastel/charcoal paper. Still a nice quality paper, but much more textural than the thick, smooth paper I use these days for my pencil portraits. This is what I gave her:


You can see the texture of the paper in the image scan. Also, you can see that HE IS ADORABLE!  Little Lucky is a heartbreaker!

So when Kat asked me to draw the dog for her parents’ anniversary, well, of course I obliged! If she wins my Facebook contest (ending June 18th), she’ll get another one free. And this little guy is so cute, one could not possibly have too many portraits of him kicking around. I believe Lucky might be a hair older in this second image. I’m pretty sure he was still a puppy in the first photo I drew from. At the very least, he had a different hair cut! You can actually see his eyes in the second portrait!

mstarkweather_luckyphoto mstarkweather_luckyblog

So a bit different! My experimentation in paper has told me I can get a lot more detail drawing in pencil on the heavier, smoother paper.  The result is a drawing from a photo that looks much more…like a photo!

For more drawings of dogs and cats (and I’d really like to get horses into the mix!), head on over to my online gallery of pet portraits. You will find paintings there too. People here.

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