Plugging my pals

Since I’m on a work hiatus of sorts, I thought I should give a shout-out to some talented and (currently) hard-working babes back in Toronto, April and Michele of Field Day Design. The three of us used to make collaborative large-scale installation art, showing at the Gladstone Hotel, YYZ and XPACE, to name a few. They both went on to continue making large scale displays and installations for Canada’s ¬†very first Anthropologie stores in Toronto. I was also honoured to be a bridesmaid in both of their weddings, so I can say from first-hand experience that their attention to detail, their clear vision, their stylish aesthetics and their undeniable talent and skill is all on-point. These girls make gorgeous spaces and gorgeous weddings happen. (And since my partner and I were married this past August and I planned and made all of the decorations on my own, with a little bit of help from my friends, I can say that some help in this arena would have been really useful…especially for someone who isn’t already an obsessive maker of things like I am.)

Without further ado – go here!


Trust me, they are the real deal. 100% geniuses.

Oh! And for a recap on Michele’s wedding, go here!

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