Portraits I made when I was 14!

I’m moving October 1 (AGAIN, though hopefully more permanent this time!) So, I am going through old stuff and trying to get myself organized for the move. And lookie, lookie what I found:

mstarkweather_tiff mstarkweather_cedar mstarkweather_ida

Pencil portraits from the 9th grade. So when I say I’ve been drawing and painting portraits forever, take this as proof! I really have been! These really aren’t my finest work, but hey! I was 14! And the drawings above were done quickly, and from life. Probably in the cafeteria.

I was also into chalk pastels at the time:


That one is my friend Rowan and her Mom, drawn from a photo Rowan provided me with.

Looks like 1996 was a busy year for me. :)

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