Portraits of myself seem to be a popular subject!

I just finished a drawing of my brother, sister and I for my mother. I’m finally sending it off later today! As I updated my People Portrait Gallery, I noticed just how many of my portraits feature myself. Ha ha. I’m not sure what to say about that. And I’m not comparing myself to Rembrandt, or Van Gogh, or Frida…oh wait! Maybe I am. But, a lot of artists do a lot of self-portraits. I’ve studied my own face for as long as I could look in the mirror. I’m my easiest and most available portrait subject.  But really?! There are like 4 self-portraits in my gallery. Hmm.

Check them out:



It is really fun for me to draw portraits of family, friends, and myself. I was thinking about why I so enjoyed drawing this last portrait of my brother, sister and I, and I think it’s the familiarity. Just like it’s easier to speak to an old friend sitting across the table from me as opposed to a stranger, it’s easier for me to bring to life on page the portrait of a person I know. And this is why it is important, when you commission me to do a drawing or painting, to send as many photos as possible. I will draw or paint from whichever photo you choose. However, the more photos the better.  In essence, I have to very quickly get to know the subject of the portrait through your pictures in order to really capture them in a painting or drawing.

Now back to the drawing of my siblings and I: My mom had requested this one a while ago, but asked me to cut out my father and uncle so that it was just me, my sister, and brother. I’m not terribly computer-savvy. I like to make things with my hands, and physically manipulate surfaces and objects…so, I took to the photograph with scissors and a glue stick!


This approach doesn’t always work, but I did employ the old cut-and-paste technique with a couple earlier portraits. The two Puggles, Bella and Ernie were actually laying further apart on the deck in the original photograph. With that one, I believe I folded the paper in the middle to put them closer together for my drawing. Pretty high-tech. And with Liam, Adley and Flynn, I did some cutting and pasting to combine the three photos. (All of these can be found in my People and Pets Portrait Galleries.)

Portraits can always be customized, sometimes to various degrees. That being said, I’m always open to personalizing your portrait so that you are happy with the end result. Sometimes I do this with scissors! Whatever works, right?

Thanks for reading; hope you all are making it through the dull winter. Spring is on its way!! Can’t wait!

xox melody

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