Portraits of Perth

I grew up in the Perth, ON area, and it holds a very sentimental place in my heart. I left Lanark County in high school, attending boarding school near Boston, MA, and then moved to Seattle, WA for a year. Afterwards, I spent a decade in Toronto, where I earned my degree in art. And now, I’ve moved back to Perth permanently – that’s how great our little town is!

I’ve made art forever, and have more recently specialized in portraiture of people and animals. Moving home to Perth and experiencing my hometown as an adult for the first time, I wanted to commemorate some of the spots that make Perth so special in my memories and everyday life.

I was given the opportunity to show/sell some work at Groundwaves, in Code’s Mill. I also work there a few days a week. Working in such a sweet little shop, in such a sweet little town, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of the folks who come to Perth. I’ve heard many stories about people who have been coming here every summer for 50-odd years. Or, there are the many who get married here. (We’re now the wedding capital of Eastern Ontario, FYI.) Then there are the people who used to live here, coming home for a visit. Or the people like me who used to live here and came back because Perth and the people who live here are magical. There is a lot of love for Perth, Ontario!

I’ve been doing a lot of portraits (my website is devoted to them!) But, the same sort of sentimentality and love people feel toward their pets and family can be felt toward a place. I wanted to capture the spirit of the town the way I might a person. It may be a bit of a departure, but it makes sense to me!

I executed these paintings on canvas in greyscale. Part of the reason for this was to keep the time and therefore price down, so they could sell in a gift shop. However, part of the reason was to capture the moment like a snapshot; a memory. The edges of each canvas are painted a colour, with my signature corresponding to that colour. This is meant to really emphasize the black and white photographic quality of the collection. I think of these as memories – impressions – on canvas.

 mstarkweather_perth_stewartpark3_side mstarkweather_perth_mexis_side mstarkweather_perth_codesmill_side 

Here’s the first batch as a grouping. I think I will be adding a few more to the series.


I’ve also added a new section to my site, which will showcase building and house portraits…also portraits of bridges. The Perth Portraits, basically.  Here it is! Take a gander, will you?

And for my pet portrait paintings and pencil drawings, go here and for people, please go here.

xo melody

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