Self Portraits…Of Myself!

So I did some digging, (looking for something else, of course,) and came across a whole slew of sketches I had done of myself in art school. Thought I would share. There are a few pencil portraits and a few drawings in pen. I must have been doing some studies for an assignment, or some sort of project I was working on.  Although that being said, at that time in my life, I was pretty diligent about studying my own reflection – for art’s sake, and also just because I was 22.

mstarkweather_selfsketch1 mstarkweather_selfsketch3 mstarkweather_selfsketch4

I haven’t included these less-polished drawings in my people portraits section, but I am toying with the idea of putting one in the “About Me” section of the site. We’ll see!

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