Leeloo, through the looking glass

Hello! Back in the summer, an old friend contacted me to inquire about having her cat painted. She had several photos she was looking at, but really loved this one: I believe I mentioned in my last post, this photo is … Continue reading

Can I use a crummy photo?

In short, yes! I have had a few commissions as of late, that have been drawn from, well, terrible photos. When a loved one has passed, sometimes all we have left is a couple of grainy snapshots. Or if the … Continue reading

Pets and Their Portraits

Check out the Photo Jakey’s Mom took! He’s a couple years older now than when the photo was taken, so he’s lost his pink spot on his nose…but still pretty cool, huh? I think Mandy has inspired a new series … Continue reading

Painting from Photos…

…is awesome when they come from a talented photographer! Liz Cooper is not only a fantastic person, and good-looking to boot, but she is also a wonderful photographer. And, she is a very good friend of mine, too. Back in … Continue reading

Simon, Norman and Barnaby

What do you give the couple getting married who have lived together forever and have beautiful things and great taste and the three most amazing cats? A painting of said cats, of course! After some extensive research, creeping the beautiful … Continue reading

Waltatron, before and after…

So, Walter’s done!  Check out the photo vs. painting below: I completely underestimated the floor.  The floor took about two times as long as the cat. Although the floor is an integral part of Walter’s mystique… Walter was rescued as … Continue reading