Ben's Letter

I would just like to say on behalf of my entire family, especially my father; Thank you! He was filled with tears of joy when he saw the picture and was completely floored by accuracy and detail. In fact we were all taken aback with emotion. This drawing has great sentimental meaning, especially since my grandfather is no longer with us. So thank you once again, and you can be sure to hear from us again for any future family portraits and that we'll recommend you to all of our friends and family.

Nikita, Toronto, ON

I just spoke with my mom and she is extremely happy with the portrait. She says you captured his smile and his hair (he always was so proud of his hair.) Thanks again for the beautiful job you have done for us.

Liz, Mississauga, ON

I wanted to give you a report on the portrait of Mulan. I followed your advice and bought a nice black frame with a double white matting...Mulan looked fantastic! I was unable to meet with my friend prior to Christmas, so we met last night. When she opened the portrait, she immediately said, "this is Mulan. Oh my goodness..." She was positively speechless. While I, not knowing the cat, thought you did an incredible job, I wanted to let you know, she was positively blown away with how much detail you were able to capture. Every spot she looked at, she commented on how precise you were in capturing her markings and characteristics. The more she looked, the more she commented on how accurate your portrayal was...so once again, A JOB WELL DONE!!

Karen, Caledon, ON

Outstanding! Thanks so much Melody for creating such a wonderful drawing of our beloved dog Timber. Your attention to detail is astonishing - I'm so happy with the portrait you created. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends!

Jeff, Toronto, ON

Hi Melody: What wonderful gifts! I am sure everyone was as happy as we were with the cottage painting. You have absolutely captured a place near and dear to our hearts. Not just captured the visual, but you have truly captured the "feeling" of the cottage. Your ability to translate that to the canvas is remarkable. Many thanks for creating a very special Christmas gift for our family.

Diane, Hamilton, ON

Melody's beautiful drawings touched our hearts and brought back to life a spark of those long ago memories. Happy memories that still managed to bring tears to our eyes because of the amazing detail she put into each of the works she did for us. Being able to enjoy her stunning portraits each day takes a little of the ache away and reminds us that even though our beloved Cody is gone, he still lives on in our hearts.

Arlene, Enfield, NS

I wish you could meet him so that you could know how perfect the likeness is! Thanks so much Melody, can't wait to get it!!

Mandy, Dundas, ON

I studied photography during college and always considered that to be art when the final print had been finished. Now that I have been intimately involved in this process I truly believe there to do a huge difference in the two. What you did is to take an idea, someone else's ideas, a floating free-form thing, and make it something tangible and absolutely beautiful, whereas a photograph already has the idea set, the composition is basically done, all that is left is basically aesthetic changes, You have done an amazing job of understanding and interpreting what was floating around in my brain, and then getting those wild and crazy ideas onto canvas and paint to come out exactly as I was envisioning. Simply WOW. Anna loves it and is at a loss for words over the whole thing.

Wayne, Mississauga, ON

Biggest thank you Mel. He looks alive and happy. You have a knack for capturing the life in your art. It shows how in tune you are with the pieces you create. Very well done! 🙂

Kaajuk, Iqualuit, NU

Thanks so much for the beautiful portrait of Henry! It's incredible how much it looks like the photo (and of Henry himself). I was so pleased to receive such a stunning gift. You've got such talent. Thanks Melody!!

Louise, Westport, ON

I just received my portrait in the mail today...IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH IT IS JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! YOU ARE SOOOO INCREDIBLY TALENTED!!!!! We will enjoy it forever and ever!!!

Robynn, Hamilton, ON

I just received my portrait via courier. It is AMAZING!! I hope you are doing this full time. I have always wanted a painting of my girls and you did an outstanding job!! You have every single detail exact! They look simply alive in the portrait. Thank you so much for being a part of my dream come true.

Teresa, Brantford, ON

Thank you so much, it looks amazing... you totally captured those boys! We are so happy with this. It's going to make them so happy!

Freya, Almonte, ON

I love this painting Melody! I can't believe how much it actually looks like him - especially the slightly crazed, but still adorable look in his eyes!! You've captured life in this static painting...thank you SO much!!!

Nicole, Toronto, ON

I am blown away! I love it!!! You are amazing - it's perfect and I'm in love. You just made my day. I love the dark background and I can tell you spent a lot of time with their pictures - cause you caught the magic 😉 and the goofy ears! I have absolutely nothing to add - you got it all. I'm so wowed 🙂 Thank you so much!

Jenna, Iqualuit, NU

Wow, it really looks like him...crazy! You're so talented.

Liz, Peterborough, ON

Melody - it arrived today - thank you thank you thank you - it is perfect!

Eric, Smiths Falls, ON

Melody did a fantastic job on a drawing of my father and I! She was very accomodating and her timely service was impeccable. She made a beautiful drawing in time to give him on Christmas. I highly recommend this as a gift idea for loved ones, as I know my dad will absolutely adore it. Thanks again!

Kaity, Scituate, MA

Wow! What an amazing job! Melody Starkweather was able to capture the essence of my dog's personality with nothing but a pencil and a piece of paper. Fantabulous!!! On top of that, she was nothing but a pleasure to work with as she openly accepted my feedback, while offering exciting suggestions that made this piece perfect! Thank you Melody. I will cherish it forever!

Katerina, Toronto, ON

Oh my god, it's AMAZING!!!! And I was not expecting that so quickly...Love it.

Julie, Toronto, ON