The Artist

Melody and Justin, 2009, Father and Daughter Portrait, Graphite Pencil Drawing on Paper, 5"x7"

Melody and Justin, 2009


I have always made art, both independently and collaboratively. It’s something I do. It’s in my blood. And I have always been drawn to portraiture. It is such a rush, capturing the essence of a person, an animal, a place, a memory. That moment in which the character starts to shine through the paint, ink or pencil is not only gratifying, but it’s exciting. The art really comes to life.
In 2006, I received an H.B.A. with a double major in Visual Studies (Studio Art) and Art History from the University of Toronto. After a decade living and working in Toronto, Ontario, I returned to my birthplace of Perth, a sweet and historic little town in the Ottawa Valley. I live and work here with my husband, our children, and feline and aquatic pets.